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A mobile chiropractic practice is for chiropractors who:

  • Are Tired of paying high overhead

  • Have been frustrated with managed care limitations

  • Have limited profitability due to inefficiencies in traditional office management

  • Have geography limiting access to quality patient populations


And especially for:

  • New graduates looking to start a practice with low overhead and high profitability

  • Associates doctors’ tired of working for someone else with a limited financial return

  • Doctors who must share space to make ends meet

  • Doctors in traditional practice that want to tap into opportunities and expand their market



You can have a happier, healthier and more profitable practice outside of the traditional four walls.

It's all about creating an approach specific to your visions and goals and keeping it simple.

Mobile practice success requires strategic planning and timely implementation to prevent costly time-consuming mistakes and to insure maximum profitability.

I want to coach doctors that are ready and committed to implement strategies that fulfill their dreams of a robust and profitable practice. 


I can teach you how to remove obstacles to your practice and financial success.

Please let me help you determine if becoming a mobile chiropractor is right for you.



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