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I'm Dr. Jeffrey Solomon: a chiropractor, businessman, and community leader who has spent over 35 years bringing world-class chiropractic services to Miami's corporate, industrial, sports, and celebrity population.

What qualifies me to be your - Mobile Chiropractic Coach

  • I’ve been a practicing Chiropractor in Miami, Florida since 1983. My career started as an associate in a successful practice.

  • In 1985, I created a solo practice in a traditional brick and mortar storefront office. My first practice was a rapid success.

  • In 1987, I conceived the idea of a full-service mobile chiropractic operation on wheels, while serving as the onset chiropractor for the TV series "Miami Vice." Using a portable adjusting table at production locations was limiting. I wanted a more private, professional environment.

  • In 1992, following 5 years of research and development the first fully operational mobile office was constructed. For another 5 years, I spent 60 -70 hours per week serving patients in both my traditional and mobile chiropractic practices.

  • By 1997, it was obvious that the mobile practice was more rewarding. Therefore, I sold my traditional practice to an associate to hit the road full time.

  • Since, I’ve dedicated my career to developing the Mobile Chiropractic concept and sharing it with others.

Over the years I’ve consulted with various government, school, and sports organizations on health, wellness, and safety issues. I’ve also provided in-house education at numerous corporate and industrial companies throughout South Florida.


As a result of giving back to the profession, I’ve enjoyed the honor of engaging in leadership having served as the President of the Florida Chiropractic Association and the American Chiropractic Association Council on Sports Injuries and Physical Fitness.


With a specialty interest in sports chiropractic, I was honored to be selected by the United States Olympic Committee to serve as the Official Staff Chiropractor for Team USA in the 2006 Torino Winter Olympics.

Throughout my career in the mobile office, I’ve enjoyed providing chiropractic services to thousands of patients at corporate and industrial sites. In addition to our usual service route, I’ve been honored to play a chiropractic role in the lives of numerous Olympic and professional athletes, as well as, famous film and television celebrities all while delivering care on-site.

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