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In the late 1960s chiropractors began providing service in the field at athletic venues with portable adjusting tables. By the end of the 1970s it was common place for chiropractors to have one available as students. Also, the portable table was used more and more commonly at athletic venues from the optimist level to Olympic and professional sport venues.


While working with a portable table on T.V. and movie production sites in 1987, I noticed and developed an appreciation for the method in which service was provided (I.e., food, electric, lights, camera, and props) in different types of trucks and motor vehicles.


I had come back from working on the "Miami Vice" set one afternoon and as usual entered my traditional private practice for my regular patients. As I was walking back to my business office I had a brief conversation with a patient who was non-compliant and missing visits .He blamed me for his continued pain. He stated he was to busy with everything in his life and he stated “You should be coming to me and my problems would be resolved”. I chuckled and walked away stating ”too bad that's not possible”.


By the time I reached the other end of my office a vision of an office in a large vehicle, similar to that of what I observed on production sets appeared in my mind. I was certain someone would have already thought of and created a mobile office. I was compelled to find out who and learn about what would logically be a significant benefit to the population chiropractic could serve.


Upon thorough investigation within the profession (there was no Google back then), there seemed to be no recorded or existing ambulatory offices to use as a precedent for a working model. Thereafter I became compelled to research and develop a prototype model of a mobile chiropractic facility. It worked. Sharing it has been my life passion since.

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