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The New Paradigm of Delivery


I'm Dr. Jeffrey Solomon

I have enjoyed a most satisfying and financially rewarding chiropractic career.


The simple secret to my many years of practice success?


Changing my practice paradigm to a simple efficient mobile chiropractic approach to practice.

For nearly 25 years my mobile practice averaged 90 - 100 patients per week with an annual revenue of over $500,000, and an overhead of 35%...

Mobile Chiropractic Practice has:

  • amplified my reach to the population I chose to serve while bringing unprecedented ease of mind and quality professional service to those patients.

  • dramatically reduced my overhead providing profitability that far surpasses most traditional brick and mortar practices.

  • allowed me to enjoy chiropractic career satisfaction beyond my wildest dreams.

To help you start or grow your mobile practice, I offer personalized support both on-line and on-site. Coaching will always be designed to fit both your needs and long-range desires.

Click here for a Free 15 Minute Private Phone Consult to learn if a mobile practice is for you.



  • Increases Patient Access

  • Increases Patient Selectivity

  • Decreases Overhead

  • Increases Profits

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